You REALLY need an Instagram-worthy engagement shoot now!

You REALLY need an Instagram-worthy engagement shoot now!

Here’s why…

The perfect way to announce to your family, friends and the world “We’re getting hitched!” is without question a chic engagement shoot! But of course, with Instagram now being the place to ‘be-seen’, ‘Instagrammable’ engagement shoots are becoming a total must-have!

There are SO many awesome locations to have your engagement photos taken in the U.S., from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to Shoshone Point in Arizona or ‘Top of the Rock’ at the Rockefeller Center in NYC to Bodie Island Lighthouse in North Carolina, and more recently we’re seeing Wynwood walls in Miami become an uber popular backdrop, as well as other locations with bright and bold walls to be used as a background.

But, there’s more to this trend than meets the eye… because savvy new brides-to-be know that booking an engagement photo shoot as has some other pretty cool benefits too. So take note chica!

No. 1 Get to know your photographer

The opportunity to spend time with your chosen photographer prior to the big day is priceless! This means you can really get acquainted and get comfortable in prep for your ‘natural’ snaps on your wedding day. You get a sneaky chance to see the results beforehand, taking the pressure right off as to whether you’ve made the right decision with your photography style AND the photographer!

See our recent blog on selecting the right photographer, to see just how important this subject really is!

No. 2 Umm HELLO this occasion is also kind of a BIG DEAL

A proposal is a pretty big occasion in your life, and probably one of the happiest moments to date, right?

You need to capture that happiness, that magic, that excitement and have a memoir to reminisce at with your grand-kids don’t you?

No. 3 Save-the-dates to die for!

These gorgeous engagement photos will make the cutest save-the-date cards to send out to love ones! They don’t have to be printed, you can use them to create an e-card, or even just send a direct snap via Social Media with a personal note to invite everyone to your engagement party, and save the date for the big day!

Bonus: A ton of great pictures to hang around your home

Besides your wedding photos, some professional, more natural photos are a great addition to frame and have around the house, as a reminder of this magical time. Wedding photos are amazing, but it’s also nice to have some pictures in more relaxed clothes and poses, isn’t it?

But the all important thing of course, is posting those totally amazing backdrop images of you and him, together, engaged, with a your new sparkly ring on your finger, totally in love, excited and enveloped in happiness on your Instagram feed! Your friends and family will be going wild for them! Even strangers will be ‘liking’ away too!

Got you feeling all excited? Then click here to book your engagement shoot with our experienced team, to get started on that first shoot of a life time!

Next week, we’ll be giving you some pro tips on how to rock those photos! Stay tuned!

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