Why you need your wedding pics as real life actual prints

Why you need your wedding pics as real life actual prints

There’s nothing more special than sitting with your parents or grandparents and flicking through their old vintage photos… These albums hold so much love and beautiful memories that we will always cherish.

None of us can really picture a time when the family will come together to sit round an iPhone or tablet trying to zoom in on those all time life moments, can we? And let’s be honest, it just wouldn’t feel the same as opening a keepsake photo album or grand folder full of tangible images, would it!?

That’s why we’re HUGE advocates of couples getting those stunning wedding photos printed in memory of their big day!

Small digital images will never translate the emotions to its audience in the same way as a larger and more grandiose format. That’s why we believe creating your life’s most important moments in hard copy is super important, especially when it comes to your wedding! It’s part of your journey and one of the only times in your life that you are the centrepiece! No other photos during your life are likely to be taken like these!

Besides, why invest and spend on a spectacular photographer to capture those all amazing moments of the day, if your not going to print them and have a few hanging in your home, or stood on your bedside? Why not add a quirky wall gallery running up the stairs? Or develop a magazine format of your printed photos for the friends at the coffee table? Seeing those happy memories on a daily basis is bound to make you smile a little more often.

We’re also sure some of your loved ones will want a photo or two to see on their mantle piece for fond memories of your special day. Think about how precious these meaningful gifts would be to someone special. No need to develop and frame in a traditional way. If you’re looking for something a little different, try some smaller postcard style prints and write a personal message on the back. Or what about a little calendar for your parents?

Not convinced still? Remember, social media and the digital world is forever changing. What happens if Facebook in the future is more for business profiles and not about personal galleries or dare we imagine, stops! It’s quite possible! Anything is. And even if it remains the same way as now in 50 years, is anyone flicking back to see past photos online when they are constantly connected with new up to the minute media? Probably not!

There’s nothing more sentimental than an heirloom passed down from generation to generation. So be creative! And be sensible. Don’t regret not having prints made of your big day! Store a hard copy of your memories in a new and exciting way. And guess what? We have a wide range of ideas and unique options so you can keep the memories just the way they should be. At hand and physically (not digitally) present for all to see.

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