Why engagement shoots are a really good idea! | Why having an engagement shoot is actually a really good idea!

Why engagement shoots are a really good idea!

Why having an engagement shoot is actually a really good idea!

Wedding photos are a one off professional album. You’re unlikely to have to be centre of attention like this again – unless you’re a model or Insta influencer! Equally though, you only get one shot to get it perfect!

We’re used to brides and grooms feeling anxious at the thought of bring in the spotlight on their wedding day or feeling a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, but an album of odd grimaces and Chandler-esque (think of the episode of Friends when Monica couldn’t get Chandler to smile normally in front of the camera) are simply not going to cut it as your keepsakes from your special day. So, we’ve put together a some tips on how to get the best out of your wedding photos, and a must-do list for feeling as natural as possible with the wedding photographer.

First tip, and this may be obvious, or maybe not? But you need to select the RIGHT photographer for YOU!

As silly as it may sound, by choosing a photographer you feel completely comfortable with it will most definitely show in your wedding photo album.

Having a photographer that makes you feel at ease is so so important. It means he’ll get the best out of you both not only in natural shots, but posed ones too – which let’s be honest, always feel a tiny bit awkward. If you’ve booked a photographer you can be yourself with, you won’t mind having them being in the room whilst getting ready with your girls, witnessing emotional moments with your family, or even present for some intimate shots.

Engagement photos are an absolute must!

Practice makes perfect as they say! This will be the first time you’ll both be professionally photographed together and a great opportunity to get in some practice posing before the big day! You can get those awkward feelings and apprehensions out of the way, get used to your photographer and be fully prepared for what lies ahead.

Engagement photos are also make great ‘save the date’ cards or notifications of your engagement. And although your wedding is a bigger occasion, your engagement is pretty big moment too!!

Check out the area surrounding your venue in more detail

On that note why not have your engagement shoot at your chosen venue and check out the area in more detail. This way, you’ll have less to think about on the big day and more time to focus on working the camera #vogue

This is a great time to agree everything with your photographer and get his experienced opinions on what may or may not look good in photo. You can then be totally reassured that you know exactly what you do and don’t want on the day and keep everything organised – one less thing to worry about. Tick.

Get the your bride tribe together

Another opportunity to work the camera some more before the big day comes around is to have some professional shots taken at your bachelorette party. Maybe take your photographer with you as part of the day’s agenda and keep some amazing snaps of your last big night out as a single gal. If this is a little out of budget, ask a friend to come along instead and take some practice shots. They won’t be professional, but they will give you all a chance to practice posing together, come up with some cool photo ideas and have a little fun.

We have a great team of photographers and videographers who would love to capture all the magic on your wedding day. Click here to find your perfect wedding photographer and get practicing.

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