Which wedding photography style to suit you!?

Which wedding photography style to suit you!?

Obviously your busy busy busy planning your big day! And we know only too well with all the hype and bombarding information available out there, priorities can go a miss!

So, when planning your wedding we want you to know it’s paramount that your photography is at the top of the agenda and having your big day photos organised in the early trimester, means you can feel confident that the right photographer is booked and which style is your ideal and best suited to you. Your wedding photography is one of the only monuments you get to keep for generations to come so you want it to be perfect!

One misconception is that finding the photographer is as simple as booking the first company or independent you can find online or even taking a recommendation from a friend! No no no. Your wedding photography has to be personal and unique to YOU. It’s about choosing a style that suits and reflects you and your wedding day. And of course, the style and creativity of wedding photography is endless with plenty of options to choose from! So we’ve thought all this through on your behalf and put together a few styles to get you feeling inspired to help you make the right choice with the outcome you want!

We hope you capture the day just the way you want and find the right professional to create the storyboard of your dreams that will have you feeling like movie stars. The question is…..are you searching for something more natural and true to itself or something with a little added va va voom? So here’s our top five styles for you to consider;

1. Fine Art Photography
Fine art photography is a wide description in the photography world; however, it basically gives a beautifully bright, crisp, natural appearance where weddings are concerned (but defo not basic at all). Designed with a perfectly high resolution these wedding photos take on movie quality and are absolutely gorgeous; lined with dreamy cream tones and a very fine grain.

Candid Documentary Style Wedding Photography
If photos with poses or arranged moments isn’t for you, then maybe go for a candid style. Get your photographer to be the silent one in the background continuously snapping away, capturing those hidden moments of you and your wedding crew. Hands-down this is the only style that will naturally capture real life laughter, happiness and all the rest that comes with the day! If you don’t want anything to look staged then this is the style for you!

And there is more than just asking for natural candid documentary photos. Describe your filter preferences. You can keep it as “real as the day” with minimal editing being totally true to everything (giving a more newspaper photojournalist vibe) or you can have a little extra editing with lighter tones, colour pop and adding a slight art film photography feel. It’s your wedding so chose a mix of exactly what you want or keep it simple but effective!


The style is in the word! If your looking for something a little more Vogue then opt for an “editorial” look. Yes, it means a lot of staging, props and work on the day. But if you want magazine worthy coverage then this is the style for you (but equally the workload to match). This is where everything is noted; the small details of tables, floral design, small finishings of your bridal outfit and full on portraits of you both and your loved ones.

Everything will be lit perfectly and will have that complete documentary in all its glory. If you want to look like a model with out looking like your posing as a model for the entire day then this style is most likely suited to you. I mean this is the kinda photos you’ll find browsing through those wedding magazines after all, so worth considering, no?

Traditional Wedding Photography

As much as photography has moved on in the last 20-30years, the truth is weddings are weddings with a lot of similar event throughout the day regardless of different tastes and styles. So, if you’re a bit of a traditional then holding timeless natural photos of the day and those parents and grandparents portrait shots are super important to you, so why not select a traditional look. It is adorable and perfectly classic. Write down your wish list for the day, deliver to your photographer and off you go to create an album that holds value and something a little like Kate and William’s royal wedding photography with wide-scape cathedrals and old school tradition that still holds so much value.

Dark & Dramatic Wedding Photography
We’re all different, unique and hold our own preferences, so if you’re a little arty and like a bit of edge, then dark and dramatic is could be your style! These photos are obvious, bigger, more cinematic, powerful and visually outstanding (for Twilight fans, think Edward and Bella in the meadow of purple flowers during the Twilight Saga!). Yes, jaws will drop. This is about turning down the colour and giving a deep extra mood to your photos with an add of the editorial style to exude Alexander McQueen fashion fame on your day! This style is a bit a fantasy dream with a beautiful love story element that tells a story of romance, romance and more romance!

Hopefully you’ll now feel a little more confident in choosing the right photographer for you. Our team of creatives tick all the boxes, so if you’d like to know more about our packages or the team themselves, drop us an email to welcome@5starproduction.com.

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