Wedding party photo ideas to need to know about…

We can’t emphasise enough just how important your wedding photography is on your big day, and therefore a major part of the decision making process!

If you’ve read some of our previous articles, you’re sure to have seen a few times now why choosing the right photographer to suit you is paramount, followed by some real essential “do’s and dont’s”, and some useful brainstorming suggestions to help you merrily along your wedding-planning way!

But today we thought we’d throw a little fun into the mix to make your wedding-planning enjoyable and ensure the actual shooting on the day is also super fun and very cool too obvs! 

We’ve talked about how choosing the your photography style will help you put your wedding photo shortlist together… And your pro photographer will know all the perfect ‘must have’ shots. From the family to the cake, styling etc etc… but apart from those ‘absolute photo musts’, your wedding album needs some personality, YOUR personality, to impress all your friends and family when they see it, and have some amazing true-to-self memories of your special day to keep forever. So here’s a few wedding party photo ideas you may want to use…

It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss…

Obviously bound to raise some cheer, not only a kiss, but your first real kiss as a married couple! Let’s create some drama around this one and have the best man, ushers, maid of honour and your bridal tribe all part of the photo too. Get your faves together after the ceremony and let them raise a toast or create some comedy theatrics around you whilst you really go for that first real kiss!

Eeeeeew! Gross!

Talking of the first kiss. Kid’s always get embarrassed when adults kiss and often think it’s kinda disgusting lol. Well, capture this to make a funny photo. Whilst you set yourselves up for the first kiss pose, gather the kids round and shoot them reacting naturally, totally grossed out!

Backdrop Setting 

No matter where you’re planning to get hitched there will be somewhere with the perfect backdrop for you and the groom. Do some research or go and check the area out surrounding your venue to that all impressive Instagrammable backdrop nailed.

Drop the awks poses!

Forget having all your guests stood side by side with the bride’s guests to one side and the groom’s on the other. Change it up! Let everyone stand where they choose without any particular order. Take the moment to have some fun, get everyone high five-ing, pulling faces and generally enjoying the moment. Even those who don’t like photos will end up having a giggle.

When the cuteness is too much…

Flower girls are one thing, but mini suit clad boys dressed up to match their fellow grown-up groomsmen… Well that’s just “I can’t even” territory! Get the mini-men and grown-men all suited and booted stood together in a ‘cool’ pose – this will be one of the cutest shots in your whole album!

You’ve been framed…

Suspend a large frame from a tree or somewhere creative, so your guests can use it a prop. Another cool idea is for you and the groom to stand inside the frame whilst your guests are holding it from the outside. Why not order an Instagram cut out frame? It doesn’t get more Instagrammable than that!

Birds eye view

Adding a birds eye view to your album with your whole wedding party looking up and smiling or cheering to the camera will be a great addition to your wedding photo album. Remember to check your wedding venue allows this kind of photography first though! 

That’s just a few of the fresh and creative ideas up our sleeve. Get in touch with us today to book your consultation and get started on arranging the most amazing wedding shoot you can dream of.

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