Use Pinterest to plan your wedding! | It’s a MUST!

Use Pinterest to plan your wedding!

It’s a MUST!

Weddings take a lot of research and planning. For some couples it’s the best bit, organising every last detail and spending time deciding on the perfect elements. In the past Google was the bride-to-be’s best friend, and prior to then, who even knows how you’d have done it! But now Pinterest is around and it’s a wedding planning dream come true!

With Pinterest you can create the ultimate mood board for how every last detail will look, how your photos will be or even the kind of ceremony you’ll have. Once you know where you are getting married, you can find your perfect venue, the best local florists, photographer and caterers all on Pinterest alone. Every good venue and supplier will have their own Pinterest profile, but remember to also use other couples’ boards for inspiration.

So What’s Next?

Your venue will send you everything they can organise for you, everyone they recommend locally, what you need to have booked and by when. This for some can feel like the most stressful part, but this really doesn’t have to be the trauma it seems! The best thing to do at this point is simply compare everything you’ve been sent with what you’ve already seen on Pinterest or Instagram etc. and match it up. If you’re really finding the whole thing too much you can always enlist a good wedding planner who will help to organise everything for you in fact you’ll probably find your planner on Pinterest too!

The Right Boards

Pinterest’s boards can really help you to organise each and every part of your big day and if you are using a wedding planner, this is an awesome way to show them all your inspiration and ideas and collaborate on your boards. If you want to ensure all the details of your day remain as a surprise for your guests, Pinterest even let’s you hide boards from the public making them private mood boards for just you and/or your planner. Create as many as you like but we definitely recommend one board for the venue, decor, photography (of course!), accommodation, food, dresses, bridal party info and of course your honeymoon!

Pinterest really is a brilliant tool for all wedding planning. It will not only keep you organised but it will give you some fantastic ideas and inspiration, so you can create your dream wedding!

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