Some steps to a perfect wedding day

Be prepared and make your wedding truly memorable. Try this list.

  1. Party favours don’t have to be relegated to picture frames and candle holders. There are some gorgeous suppliers on Etsy making handmade keepsakes. And for those who are interested in a practical twist, if you are having a summer wedding, consider programs which convert into personal fans. For a winter wedding, what about portable ponchos? It may look laggy, but your guests will thank you when there is that heavy shower.
  2. Thinking about a cocktail party? Always make sure there are enough seats for your elderly guests. And make sure you have enough tables in place for people to be able to rest their drinks while they devour your delicious food.
  3. Think about a “no camera, no phone” policy. We have all heard of the guests who are plugged into the footy while you are saying your once-in-a-lifetime vowels. You can stop this from happening! One of the biggest trends of the year, couples are asking their friends to unplug. As a result, guests get to live in the moment, and the memories can be captured by the professionals.
  4. Go with the flow with your wedding photography! In the 1970s, it was all about the studio wedding shoot. Then it became the staged outdoor wedding shoot. In the early 90s, the candid shots were often attempted by portable cameras on your guests’ tables, but we all know that turned out poorly! And then the advent of the iPhone, meant that you couldn’t see the bride and groom amongst the sea of technology. Now it’s about the candid moments being captured without the wedding party knowing. It’s about a hidden mini-camera taking footage of your guests’ crazy dance moves; it’s about filming the wedding photo shoot and the silly outtakes. it’s about being real!
  5. Budget for a videographer. Don’t let it be one of your life’s regrets… your far-flung family members and future children will love recreating the moment. Choose a videographer who can capture multiple angles and be unobtrusive on the day.
  6. And why not take it one step further … get your videographer to film some of the milestones on the lead up to your wedding…. or grooms, consider a surprise proposal with your videographer capturing the moment!
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