Read this before choosing a videography package

Read this before choosing a videography package

If you’re planning to hire a wedding videographer, this is a must read.

We know just how important wedding videos are now, and how valuable yours will become to you in the future. If you’re not overly familiar with the different options available, it can be confusing knowing what you want to shoot, what not to shoot and what formats to have your video saved in to make your big day movie just perfect.

To help you out, we’ve gone ahead and listed some not-to-be-missed moments and some of the different options you can request when you book your videographer. So let’s start with the obvious first…

The Ceremony

Yes, we said it was obvious! However, it’s important to know that your ceremony needs to be covered from the very beginning to the end. Actually scrap that, it needs to be captured before the beginning, from the moment you’re stood outside ready to make your entrance whilst your fiancé waits at the alter for you. You want to [capture] you walking down the aisle, whilst everyone wows and you and your hubby-to-be first lock eyes, right the way until everyone has left the venue and you’ve both been well and truly confetti-d!

Your videographer can capture all your family and friends arriving at the venue, excitedly awaiting your arrival and record all those candid moments that you won’t have been there to see. This is a beautiful, and significant part of the day that you will be happy to have got a fly on the wall glimpse of later on.

You’ll get to play this scene back over and over, and enjoy the buzz of excitement caught on camera, as well as the emotional scenes whilst you’re saying your vows – the tears, the doey-eyed looks of love and sentiment, and of course the laughter too. Make sure you get each and every second from every possible angle secured on film we say!

The Reception

Ask any married couple and they’ll tell you that their whole wedding day flew by in a haze as they were whisked from one part to the next, and even at the reception they didn’t quite manage to spend enough time with everyone as they’d hoped to. It’s impossible. So rather than miss a moment of all your favourite people together, as you can’t be everywhere at once. Have your videographer ahead of you, following your guests around and capturing them having a great time – whilst you and your new husband are with the photographer, posing for your wedding photos – you won’t miss a thing with all those great memories made on your behalf.

A Second Shooter

Okay, so we know this may just sound super expensive, but we urge you to really consider it. Having two shooters means that they can be in two totally different places, and therefore are unlikely to miss a thing! No epic film was made with one single camera and, this is going to be the video of your lifetime. The most important day of your entire life. Yes it will cost more, but the investment will be totally worth the value you get back.



You’re about to invest in creating the most spectacular day to wow your guests and enjoy together and so to miss some really important bits seems a shame. One cameraman may be shooting your wedding vowels, but he is not going to be able to get more than one angle of the two of you at the same time and is definitely not going to be able to capture your mom shedding a tear or two as well.

Having two cameras at the same time for sure will give a better overall movie like finish to your video once edited, but if that sounds totally out of your budget then a videographer and photographer can work well in sync to avoid missing any important moments.

A Highlight Reel

So aside from you and your new hubby, it’s unlikely anyone else will really want to watch your entire full length wedding video (apart from your parents maybe..) No matter how fabulous the day was, most people will like to see some clips and that will be about all their attention span is going to last.



So, why not have a ‘highlights reel’, which can be purchased and put together as an added extra? It’s a great way to get all the very-best snippets from the day in a short 5 minute video which can be enjoyed by everyone. You can share this with them really simply via Facebook or Dropbox etc.

An Instagram Reel

It’s super ‘in’ right now to have a teeny-tiny wedding video that can be uploaded to your Instagram account for all your friends and family to enjoy and reminisce over, as well as those who didn’t make it to watch too. You can share it easily just like the highlight and keep it on your Instagram timeline in the place when your wedding took place. This extra is perfect for everybody. And one that can be played back over and over, and truly enjoyed.


So, that’s a whole lot of information to take in about what your videographer can do to make your wedding video a perfect fit for you. We shoot 100s of weddings, so if you’re looking for a videographer or photographer, or both, our team of creatives tick all the boxes. We offer some fantastic packages at competitive rates across every major city in the U.S.

Drop us an email at welcome@5star to find out more.

Or if you’d like to see some of our recent work head over to our Vimeo or Instagram.

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