Photos you MUST take with your bridesmaids

It goes without saying that your bridesmaids play a super important role on your BIG day, as well as the run up to it!  Your chosen tribe will be by your side the entire day, so be sure to get some extra special photos with them throughout the day…

Make up moments

Getting made up on your wedding day Is one of the most exciting things about your wedding morning! No doubt you’ve dreamt for a long time about how you’ll have your make-up and hair, and every girl loves to be pampered don’t they? Be sure to get some snaps of you and the girls getting your wedding day glam on!

Mimosa moment

Get rid of any of those pre wedding jitters with a little celebratory glass of fizz! Be sure to get some pics of you and the girls popping the bottle and ‘cheers-ing’ to your magical day ahead.  If you’ve got coordinating robes, this is a great way to get save some memories of you all in them. #Cheers

THE Dress

The biggest moment of the day yet is putting on your dress ! It’s likely it’s a little fiddly to get on, most wedding dresses are, so get your girls to help you, and ensure you’re photographer is capturing it all.


You’ll probably need a hand getting those shoes on once you’re in the dress too, wedding dresses aren’t always the easiest to manoeuvre in! Get the girls helping you put them on and get some pics of you being made a total fuss of like a true queen!

The Reveal

Without question the best photo you’ll get with the girls is when they see you for the first time, in your dress, with your hair and make up complete, shoes on and ready to go marry the man of your dreams. Get those candid first looks caught on film, you’ll want to remember the moment forever!

One to ones

Take some time to have a moment with each of your bridesmaids one on one. They’ll probably have a ton of things they want to say to you in this special moment, and these moments will make beautiful pictures for you and them to keep.

The Altar

Ensure your photographer captures some pictures of you and your bridal party at the altar whilst you and the groom are saying your vows. No doubt there will be some tears!

The celebration

Once you’ve had your group shots taken after the ceremony, keep your girls aside and get some fun, celebratory shots with the girls on location. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly in these pictures, they’ll make great photos and beautiful memories too.

Dance like nobody’s watching

Now’s the time to forget the photographer whilst you and the girls really go for it on the dance-floor! Just watch that dress!

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Photos you MUST take with your bridesmaids

It goes without saying that your bridesmaids play a super important role on your BIG day, as well as...

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