Just what can I expect from my photographer on my wedding day? | This question really isn’t asked enough!

Just what can I expect from my photographer on my wedding day?

This question really isn’t asked enough!

What do you expect from your wedding photographer?

We all know the that selecting your photographer is a very personal choice, as it’s such an essential element of your day and the results are going to be your lifelong keepsakes. #NoPressure

But this is exactly why we need to understand your expectations right from the beginning! This makes everything as smooth and simple as possible later on.

Getting Ready

Depending on the package you have chosen, we’ll be coming to where you’re staying around an hour and half before you set off for the ceremony venue.

We’ll introduce ourselves to everyone and then you can pretend we aren’t there. Don’t feel bad, it’s what works best!

We’ll start by by capturing a few details, like the dress, shoes, the rings, the flowers, groom’s suit etc. This helps everyone get used to us wandering around and start to feel comfortable.

We then focus on you getting ready; your hair and your makeup etc, we try to be discreet so you and your bridal party can feel free to enjoy this time.

You’ll asked at some points to look up or do something specific, but we’ll make sure you’re comfortable with everything and can also include any specific shots you may want.

Finally the big dress reveal to your bridal party! These photos are purely of the dress almost on and then getting it into position and done up nicely. We’ll never take pictures of any nudity, and if you’d prefer to get ready in private and then do a reveal, that’s totally up to you.

We’ll then get some shots with you and your bridesmaids and any family you have with you too. We tend to leave you a little before your car comes, to get some nice shots of the groom and his best man. Then we head off to start taking some shots of the venue.

The Venue

The most stressful time of any wedding is the half hour before the ceremony, so we are careful to get just essential photos to your day and then concentrate on all the details yo have pulled together to make your big day unique and special.

The bride’s arrival and photos with bridesmaids are all taken as calmly and quickly as possible, and don’t worry we don’t go creating awkward poses and delaying the most important part of things!

From here on, you won’t notice us at all; the ceremony will run itself and the next time you’ll see us is once everyone has congratulated you, and moved off to the drinks area or reception venue. At this point we’ll get a few all your just married portrait shots in and then give you a little time with your guests.

The Couple Shots

This seems to be the part that lots of couples are nervous about, but also where it’s most important that the expectations you have of your wedding photographer are really clear. Every couple should be prepared for how easy this part is going to be!

There’s nothing better than people just being themselves and enjoying each other’s company but lots of people aren’t comfortable in front of a camera! So some gentle direction goes a long way. We’ll always let you know what to do and then leave you to it until we’ve got enough shots to do something different. This is not about forced cheesy posing, no spinning around in each other’s arms and no running up and down the beach! Unless of course that’s what you want! This normally takes approximately half an hour.

Once these shots are done, we can get a few close friends and family groups together. We recommend making a list and giving a copy to the chief bridesmaid so she can help us get the right guests together for your all these shots.

The Meal

Okay, so let’s be honest – No one likes a photo of themselves eating, so we’ll put the cameras down until the speeches begin. We’ll capture all the magic of the speeches, the laughter, the embarrassing moments, the tears and above all the love.

The Cake & The First Dance

Your wedding planner will usually get the party started by asking you to cut the cake, and then of course comes your first dance. We will be there to capture every moment of taking a bite of the cake, to stepping onto the dance floor to dance.

From there, once the guests join you on the dance floor, we’ll be dotted around, hidden as much as possible and snapping away to collect all those brilliant party memories.

Our job is to make sure that you love your photos, all you have to do is enjoy yourselves!

If you’d like more info or to ask any questions email us at welcome@5starproduction.com or you can schedule a consultation here now.

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