How to Totally Nail Chic Engagement Photos…

Engagement photography

In our last post, we talked about how engagement photos are becoming ever popular, especially now that you can show them to the world with Instagram.

But, of course, if you’re planning to show them to the world, the pressure is well and truly on to ensure they are absolutely perfect. With that in mind, we’ve got our professional photographers to give us there best tips on how to nail totally chic engagement photos…

No. 1 Personal Style is a MUST!

Don’t go overboard. Don’t go out and buy something formal as if you’re attending someone’s wedding or going for a job interview. Be Yourself! Select something that is totally you. Everyday you. By all means, it could be your Sunday best you, but try to stick to something that represents you this moment in time. So when you look back, the photos feel real and true to life as it were. the last thing you want it for the photos to appear staged or over the top!

Engagement photography

No. 2 Location. Location. Location. And Season!

Whether you live in a city, the countryside or close to the beach. Engagement photos in familiar surroundings will best represent you both the way your loved ones know you! If you do choose to go with an “out of town” theme, then a big priority is to consider the season of that location. Which of course then impacts what you’ll wear.

If it’s Autumn and chilly, then dress yourself appropriately! Obviously right?But there is nothing worse than posing in front of the camera in something to summery, frozen with blue lips trying to act happy and natural. You won’t be feeling either of those emotions if you are freezing! Work that season baby!

No. 3 Colour Coordination

Seasons and locations are perfect to represent colour. So a go ahead and choose a beautifully bold colour that represents your surroundings and makes great ‘content’. If you’re having an Autumn shoot in the park, think tones of red, orange, amber. If it’s Spring, try something lighter and softer, either bright or pale tones. Close to Christmas? Then what about a cute beanie hat, and a snuggly oversized knit with some boots.

And remember, mixing the two outfits with a unity of tones and colours (this doesn’t mean matching his and hers jumpers! #NO) will represent your unity as a couple! Perfect and subtle.

No. 4 Bold Colors

Choose one main colour with a variety of shades is perfect but to really make those photos rock try adding a pop of totally contrasting colour somewhere between the two of you. It’s a great attention catching photography trick.

Engagement photography

No. 5 Make it statement worthy!

Not going overboard with your outfit, doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement! Have fun! Maybe a shoot at a fairground, Disneyland even? Or on the swings at the local park, you could try a picnic scene or use some an iconic place as a background, such as Time Square, Wynwood walls, the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m sure you get the picture. Keep it classic, but with an extra bit of wow too!

Engagement photography

If you’d like to speak to a professional about arranging the perfect engagement shoot for you, click here to speak with one of our team. Get that Totally Chic Engagement Photoshoot booked!

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