How to Select Your Wedding Photographer | 5 Things you need to know…

5 Things you need to know before selecting your wedding photographer

When planning your wedding it’s totally normal to be feeling a little overwhelmed lost in all the detail. But as a basic the very most important things are the venue, the celebrant, the food, the guestlist and of course someone to capture it all.

Choosing your wedding photographer shouldn’t be stressful, not if you keep stick to these top 5 essentials….


Your budget is your budget and there’s no getting away from it, so you need to understand how to split it into smaller budgets for each important element. Aside from your venue and the food, your photography is going to be one of the things you’ll spend the most money on. One thing to be aware of is that the most expensive option isn’t necessarily the one that works best for you. It’s important to get a few quotes, compare prices and make sure you know exactly what’s included, for example many photographers won’t include access to your RAW files in their packages, but we do!


Experience in any field of course is absolutely paramount, but in the world of photography it’s essential! An experienced photographer will know how to set up the best shots with minimum fuss and how to manoeuvre amongst you and your guests without intruding into your day. And they will always to be on hand for all the most important moments without you having look for them.


The great thing about the internet is there’s easy access to every kind of photography on offer. You can quickly see everyone’s’ images and where they’ve been working. When looking for your wedding photographer Instagram is fab starting point, as you’re likely to see some of their most recent work. From there you can head over to the website and have a look at a few galleries. Simply ask yourself, do I like this? Can I see myself being in these photos?


Another key factor is how you get on with the photographer, as this really will affect the quality of your photos! FACT. One of the things we love is getting to know each couple and enjoy spending time with them. When you start your search for a wedding photographer ask lots of questions about them. The answers will tell enough to get a good feeling or not. On your big day a photographer with the right personality will know how to talk to you and your guests to make the posing and direction experience enjoyable.


Your photographer should remain focused and professional at all times. It’s good to have a chat with guests and enjoy the day but that has to be balanced correctly with working and always being aware of potential photos. You don’t want to look up and see your photographer having a better time than you!

Hopefully you’ll now feel a little more confident in choosing the right photographer for you. Our team of creatives tick all the boxes, so if you’d like to know more about our packages or the team themselves, drop us an email to welcome@5star

Head over to our gallery or Instagram to see some of our recent work.

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