Don’t let friends spoil your wedding memories

Wedding Videos: It takes skill

When it comes time to plan for that special day, some couples may be tempted by the idea that their friends all have mobile phone cameras, and they are perfectly capable of recording the event in addition to their many other responsibilities as members of the wedding party.​

This almost always turns out to be a disaster. The talent level of the videographers and the difference in their equipment usually adds up to odd, mismatched footage, terrible lighting, and indecipherable sound quality that proves impossible to splice into a coherent narrative.

Given the fact that this is the one day that needs to be cherished and passed along to the next generation more than any other, it only makes sense to hire the services of someone who truly knows how to properly document such a special time and can provide a one-stop menu of services that ensures both that the job is done properly and that it is not necessary to hunt about for camera operators, sound technicians, editors, and the myriad of other professionals that are necessary to provide memorable footage of the event. Here at 5 Star Production, we can do it all in a non-intrusive way as well as at a surprisingly affordable rate.

The fact that we have done thousands of other weddings all over the US shows that we have the staff, the knowledge, and the budget-friendly pricing that every wedding planner welcomes. Our crew of skillful and friendly wedding videography specialists knows how to fit unobtrusively into any wedding party and get the shot without getting in the way of the real action. Of course, collecting footage is only a small part of the full package we have on offer.

We assemble that footage into a delightful narrative which captures not only the behind the scenes moments of your wedding day, but also the actual exchange of vows between bride and groom with clear audio. Lighting differences and sound need to be massaged ensure continuity.

Once every bit of video is brought to a peak of perfection, then it needs to be edited into an amazing record of an unforgettable day.

On your own special day, you want someone who is not going to miss important actions and people, someone who knows how to blend into any crowd and knows which angles and framings will best complement the beauty of the bride and transmit the glories of the day. Let us show you how to immortalize your perfect wedding day.

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Don’t let friends spoil your wedding memories

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