A good wedding playlist = Fantastic wedding photos | Your wedding playlist can actually influence your photography moments..

Your wedding party playlist can actually influence your photography moments…

Music is no doubt a powerful tool in affecting the way we feel and behave. Think about it… Sitting with meditation music will make you feel relaxed enough to sleep (or meditate). Classical music is used to aid concentration and increase brain activity, whilst singing with others at football matches brings a sense of solidarity and unity, and punk music stands strong ground among those with the same political beliefs.

Music somehow has the power to trigger memories of important times and transport you right back to the place you first heard or enjoyed it. And guess what…you’ll enjoy it all over again with the same passion you felt in that exact memory moment! Music is quite an amazing discovery or gift, however you want to view it!

So, we all know only too well of the importance of our chosen playlist or music genre for the big day, and we also know that a lot of work and thinking goes into getting it right!

But, of course, being all things photography at 5 Star Production, we’ve thought a little further than just the music. What about how it’ll affect the mood of your wedding and the behaviour of your guests? You want your music to have everyone up, singing, dancing, laughing and enjoying don’t you? Surely, you want everybody to remember your wedding day whenever they next hear “Mr Brightside” on their iTunes list. But, that’s the very thing, it’s EVERYBODY. Choosing a few disco tracks from your nights out back in the 90’s straight after speeches isn’t likely to get the majority of your wedding guests up and boogie-ing the evening away! And of course, if people aren’t dancing then your wedding photos might not capture everybody letting their hair down as you’d hoped.

The question is, how do you choose the right music to keep the party alive and ensure your wedding photographer has opportunity after opportunity to snap happy with candid moments that cannot be otherwise captured?

Here’s our top five genres (in no particular order at all!) to keep your wedding rocking and your photographer snap happy catching your loved ones ‘busting moves’ on the dance floor…

1. No 1 Hits

It’s a win win. Everybody will remember. Everyone will know the lyrics. Everyone is singing along and “Let’s Dance”.

2. Indie

‘Mr Brightside’ anybody? Some tunes have the power to make you belt out the lyrics with passion like your on stage yourself in an arena with a killer audience. This is 100% the best musical genre for the evening. Don’t forget it. Even your photographer will be laughing as well as snapping away.

3. Super Cheese

Most of us aren’t necessarily fans of those cheesy tunes on a day to day basis, but together in a crowd you’ll be surprised how everyone’s actually dancing in line or circle together with the same dancing actions – “Don’t blame it on the boogie” (in this case we probably will).

4. Rnb

All jokes aside. Everyone loves a little “Bump and Grind” and a wedding “I don’t see nothing wrong” with some awkward but hilarious dance moves. Definitely one to capture on camera!

5. Motown

It’s sweet. It’s kind. And it brings us back to a time where things felt innocent. Motown gives a sense of love and romance, and a little sexy magic, which is what the day is all about right? Marvin Gaye is totally running through your mind right right now isn’t he? #LetsGetItOn #SorryNotSorry

And don’t worry; If you’re still a little apprehensive about your wedding tunes and ensuring your all-time moments are being photographed just the way you want them… Get in touch. We have a highly experienced team of photographers and videographers, who can guide you all the way! Click here to find out more.

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