9 shots your wedding photographer can’t miss…

9 Shots Your Wedding Photographer Cannot Miss…

The date is set! Amazing. With the multitude of planning going on… your wedding photography is most likely at the top of the list.

Your photographer should come with a wealth of experience and know exactly where to be and what snaps to take, however, there’s still no harm in having a little list up your sleeve to ensure you get all the shots YOU want is there? After all the planning gone in, it’s not just about posing with family and friends, there’s so many more details that you’ll want to remember…

Here we’ve put together the ultimate Top 9 shots your wedding photographer cannot miss…

1. THE Dress

It’s your dress. You’ve probably thought about this one dress since like… forever! It’s been tailored to fit perfectly to your physique and it’s there waiting perfectly to adorn you on the biggest day of your life. Capture it in all its glory hanging up and ready for you to rock. A top tip is to find somewhere to hang it with the perfect backdrop such as a dark wall, exposed brick or maybe a patterned a garish wall, that your neutral dress will stand right out against.

2. Shoes!

Diamonds may be a girls best friend. But shoes are, well…. shoes! Whether you’ve opted for some designer, funky and comfy or bold statement shoes, make sure you get a shot of them fresh out the box! And also another snap of your dress hiked up with your shoes on in all their gorgeous glory!

3. Your flowers

Whilst it’s a nice idea to dry your bouquet and frame it as a keep sake, for whatever reason, you may not hold on to it forever, and even if you do, whilst dried flowers may be pretty, they are nothing like they were in full bloom. Make sure you get a close up shot of your bouquet, so you can remember all the beautiful detail of them.

4. Being made-up

Every woman knows that being made up on your wedding day has to be the one time that you truly feel a million dollars. And, it’s not often that a girl has her make-up done for her either. So ensure you capture your MUA making you look totally incredible to knock your groom off his feet when you see him.

5. The bachelors

Boys love being made a fuss of just as much as any girl. So it’s highly likely that whilst you bachelorettes are having the time of your lives getting dolled up for the day, so are the lads. Ensure the photographer gets some photos of your man having his bow-tie or cravat tied, his cufflinks done up and his best man generally making a fuss of him.

6. The wedding stationery

If you have the opportunity, it’s nice to have an extra set of your wedding stationery that you can do a pretty flat-lay style photo of as a memory. Wedding stationery has become a huge statement, so make sure it’s not left out.

7. The table

Another part of the styling that could be super simple, elegant, tropical, bold, the list is endless. However, you will have poured over choosing every single detail to get everything just perfect. So make sure the photographer gets plenty of snaps of the table, the place settings, the glassware, the linens… the lot!

8. The cake

You may not have opted for a big cake, and instead gone for a donut wall, or a stack of cupcakes or a beautiful naked style cake. But whichever choice you’ve gone with, make sure your photographer has some pictures of it before the big ‘cake cutting’ snaps later on with your groom.

9. The getaway

Whatever you’ve decided to disappear off into the night in, this moment HAS to be captured! Ideally, by a drone too! How cool would it be to speed off knowing there’s a drone racing after you capturing your getaway with your new hubby!

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