7 Things You Need To Do After Getting Engaged

If there’s one thing every bride-to-be says, it’s that “getting engaged is complete whirlwind!” With so many emotions running, a trillion ideas that you’ve started having, the constant day dreaming that you’re trying to get a lid on, not to mention the new ‘to do’ list that just landed in your lap, it’s fair to say it’s absolutely overwhelming!

Luckily for you, we’ve get access to a whole heap of insider info on proposals, engagements and wedding planning, and we’re always happy to share our insider tips to make things as easy as possible on our brides to be. Starting here, with what you need to do right after you get engaged.

  1. Breathe

No doubt the question was popped, it was all a haze, you can’t remember exactly what happened very clearly and now you’re sporting a new dazzler on your finger.  Take a moment to breathe in what’s just happened. This is probably one of the biggest, most important and happy moments of your lifetime (yet!). Eeeek!

  1. Call Your Nearest & Dearest

Telling your family and friends is probably one of the most exciting things ever. Their excitement will only add to yours. It’s really important to tell your closest network first, so they don’t end up finding out on social media, which will NOT go down well… #oops

  1. Book an engagement shoot

Instagram-worthy engagement photos are a total must have! These photos will not only be useful to get to test out a wedding photographer, but they are an amazing way to announce on social media to everyone else that you’re getting hitched!

You can also use the images for your invitations, for your wedding website if you’re planning to have one and as edible toppers on cupcake wedding favours – which is a super cute idea we totally loved at a recent wedding. But, more importantly than any of those things, they are a wonderful memory to have of you and your partner for years to come.

  1. Share It On Social Media

Everyone is hanging out on Instagram right now, and if they aren’t they’re almost definitely on Facebook! Social media is a great way to share good news! You won’t believe the outpouring of love and support you’ll receive on social media – Everyone loves a good love story don’t they!?

  1. Pop that bottle! 🍾

You need to celebrate!! The year or two ahead is likely to be pretty busy with all the big plans you’ve got. So make some time to see your friends and loved ones and celebrate this magical momentous moment! You’ll probably be off the radar for a bit working on that to do list.

Why not create a tangible memory of the event and book a photographer to capture everyone celebrating your engagement? Those photos will come in handy at the wedding speeches 🙊

  1. Make a list

With so many things to remember, it’s really difficult to keep on top of everything to be done. There’s an awesome free list management tool which you may like… – You’re welcome 😉

  1. Pin some ideas down

If you don’t know about Pinterest (which unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, is highly unlikely), then you need to. Immediately! And if you do, then you need to utilize this incredible wedding planning inspiration aka heaven-on-earth platform right now! For our tips on how to use Pinterest for wedding planning, click here.

You can follow us for wedding inspiration and photo ideas on our Pinterest and Instagram pages.

A little extra tip… Stay organised!

We’ve told you about using Trello; so all you need to do now, is keep those very important lists in order, up-to-date, dead-lined and shared with whoever you’ve delegated tasks to. Oh, did we forget to mention that Trello is also awesome for delegation and project management…?

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