5 Star Wedding Photography Trends for 2018

5 Star Wedding Photography Trends for 2018

So, you’re getting hitched! Yay!!​

With so much going on it’s easy to get lost in everything and lose sight of the most important thing…

Your wedding photography is about YOU! (oh and of course your significant other). Let’s face facts, gone are the days where we all had to pose outside the little church with confetti thrown in the air, trying to manage that shocking 90’s hairstyle. It’s different now. People are different, couples are different and of course there are lots of different wedding photography options too. Your wedding photography has to be personal and unique to YOU.

It’s the absolute one day where you will be looking over and above and totally amazing! So why wouldn’t you want to be captured in the most wanderlust exposure possible?

“Choosing your photographer is as important as all those other finer details that come with planning your big day.”

After all, we’re talking about capturing the beginning of your own story together aka your best Instagram posts ever! Remember, your wedding photographer is an artist. They’ll turn the still of your day into a dreamy movie storyboard that will have you feeling fabulous, fabulous and well, even more fabulous.

Whether you’re looking for a natural look or something a little more glam, we have the perfect team with that to perfectly match your ideal.

We know getting started can be a little challenging…

So here’s our top 3 wedding photography trends for 2018 to get your inspiration flowing…

1. Natural

Imagine outdoor settings with natural light. Perfect for the quaint country garden venue, with white planes or plenty of floristry, then this is the perfect style for you! The look is fresh, clean, clear and precise. There’ll be no blemishes here, which we are all in favour of!

Focus is on those natural aspects of the day… so even if your not comfortable in front of the camera, this style will capture you both in all matters of natural beauty with smiles, cake eating, hand-holding and treasuring all the smaller details throughout the day. Simple, relaxed and in love is the motto here. You’ll feel the warmth of a spring morning within each shoot, making your day look perfect in all your keepsake memories.

2. Artistic

This is the style of fine art photography. These photos will capture as much of the surrounding landscape as possible with the bride and groom as the focal point of every image; every photo will draw in the surrounding environment making your photos bigger, more cinematic, powerful and visually outstanding (for Twilight fans, think Edward and Bella in the meadow of purple flowers during the Twilight Saga!).

Yes, jaws will drop. Capturing the entire environment as well as the wedding itself gives a total sense of surrealism, so if you’re the kind of couple who loves an extra touch of of the WOW factor then this style will not disappoint!

3. Creative

Calling all Bohemian girls and guys, this trend is designed for your kind of wedding. It’s creativity at its best with an authentic vintage theme and style. So if you’ve got details of teacups, mason jars, candles and floral headpieces or you’ve set your dining tables up in the middle of a forest then this style of photography will bring your story to life.

It’s not just photography but a whole lot of creative art direction too! Our team will bring the whole theme of your wedding together, so every picture tells the story of your day like a fairytale. These are Pinterest worthy shoots!

Are you looking for a little extra inspiration or advice? Do you want to book the right photographer to capture your day in a truly authentic way? Click here to send us a message.

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