4 Reasons to hire a wedding videographer | to capture your BIG day!

4 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

to capture your BIG day!

Hiring a videographer for the big day poses many questions for couples to be. Is it something we really need? Is it in the budget with so many other important costs? Isn’t a good photographer enough? And with all these questions as to why you maybe “shouldn’t” be considering a wedding videographer… we’ve put together a simple list of why you most definitely “should” have your day captured on film to watch back over and over.

We know just how precious your wedding video will be as newly weds and forever after. And here’s why…

Don’t miss a single thing!

No doubt you already know oh-so-well just how much planning, organising and mini-events are involved in preparing for your big day. From the evening before, until all the guests leave in the early hours of the morning; many many little events will be taking place -as well as the big parts too! Think about the set up, the arrival of the flowers and guests, the groomsmen getting ready, you and your bridal team adorning yourselves, little flower girls enjoying getting all dressed up, relatives and friends dancing all night etc. etc. There will be quite literally 100 little things going on all at once.

But with so much happening, this means that there’ll be so many special moments that will go amiss by you both as a couple. And whilst your photographer may be able to take some great shots, he cannot be in two places at once. However, having a videographer as well, means you can capture those other important bits that your photographer won’t. Think of all those smaller details and sentiments you’ll be too busy to see.



The personal-movie a videographer makes will be full of snippets of your wedding day from another perspective – fly on a wall as one might say. Their presence will ensure you don’t miss anything and what’s more you can see in raw detail and real life who was where and seeing what they saw.

Watching this video back will enable you to see your own wedding from a new perspective, capturing all those little beautiful details you probably would miss otherwise.

Some things can’t be captured by photos

Photographs are pure magic, but some things can’t be captured in a photo. Some of the most amazing, funny, awkward and emotional parts of the day are impossible to translate fully by photo stills.

The ceremony itself is all about words and the communication of language between the two of you. So you can listen to every moment back over again. The cracking jokes and meaningful expressions of wedding speeches that have been thoughtfully prepared by your loved ones and best friends. Video captures all of that. The reactions of your guests which you’ll likely miss as you walk down the aisle. Video captures that too. All these important matters need can be frozen in time, as a priceless keep-sake.


The music, the first dance, cutting and eating the cake – do we need to list any more? This is all far too critical to be missed and we promise, you’ll be so so grateful you got to see all the candid clips of your wedding moments that could otherwise never be seen.

Think about others

Like most of us, if you have older relatives or friends who can’t make the day for one reason or another, wouldn’t it be nice to give them a special place in your day too?

Just because they can’t be there in person, it doesn’t mean they have to miss anything. They too can feel as close as possible. For an important relative or a great-grandparent who really wanted to come but was regretfully unable to attend it could be the kindest gift to them.


We even include a short “Instagram-mable” clip for you to upload, to show everyone how magical your big day was.

Play it on repeat until your old and grey!

Your wedding day is likely to be the one thing you will want to view over and over again – especially when you’re old and grey. Memories fade. Sadly, details don’t always last in the mind. Photos trigger memories, but a video gives you the full experience time and time again. What better way is there to celebrate your anniversary than reminiscing your special day together.


This little documentary will become a sentimental heirloom that you will pass down for generations to come – nothing better than grandma being told she was “a bit of a catch” back in the day. Lol. It’s part of you and your journey that will live on forever. It’s your story. It’s important to have a treasure to cherish and keep forever.

Our videographers will capture your wedding in the most unique and beautiful way. You’ll literally feel like movie stars… so go ahead and be movie stars for the day!

Convinced? Click here to get started making your wedding movie!

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