30 Ideas for the Most Unique Wedding Ever

30 Ideas for the Most Unique Wedding Ever

Planning your wedding is no easy task….but it should be fun, shouldn’t it?

If you’re finding planning your wedding a little stressful then breathe and take a step back! You only get to do this once and It’s likely to be one of the only big events you’ll do for yourselves as a couple! So try to enjoy it, have some fun with it and relax…

Get a basic plan mapped out (if you’ve not got one yet, you can download our free 12month planner in our recent article – ‘The Ultimate 12 Month Wedding Planner’) . Go through the plan, work out what you can delegate to your bridal party and then you can spend the rest of your time enjoying the process… for the most part anyway!

The sprinkles of creativity throughout your wedding is what will make your day unique and memorable! If you’re not a natural creative, just hop onto Pinterest and Instagram and find your inspiration there. With the zillion bloggers, DIY ideas, and professional wedding blogs available you’ve got access to what brides of the past could only have dreamt of! Save and pin all the posts that inspire you and you’ll have a mood board sorted. Easy!

To give you a little extra help, we’ve made a list of our favourite wedding ideas from the hundreds of weddings we’ve seen first-hand! Get your notepad ready…

30 Ideas for the Most Unique Wedding Ever

1. Looking for ways to decorate your reception venue? Try hanging Chinese paper lanterns from the ceiling to create a ceiling filled of colourful decor throughout.
3. Arty centrepieces look amazing. What about submerging flowers in water inside big round vases?
4. Want a way to get all the photos your guests took on your big day? Make an official sign with a personal hashtag for everyone to add to their social media posts; creating your own social media wedding album.
5. Give your guests personalized tote bags for their wedding favor.

6. Fill your wedding favour bags with donuts! Who wouldn’t devour a donut after a few ‘giggle waters’!?
7. Or alternatively make personalized popcorn bags for your guests to enjoy for try some exciting flavours.

8. What about having a dessert table with takeout boxes so your guests can choose which desserts to take home and enjoy?

9. Rather than having one big expensive wedding cake why not have a few cakes or little individual cakes….French Fancies, colourful and cute, for sure!

10. Not so convinced about no.9. No worries, try opting for a ‘naked’ cake with cream filling that matches your wedding colour palette or a gigantic chocolate mud cake.

11. Forget a seating plan where a fair few are stuck at the back of your ceremony and can’t see, let alone hear anything. Go ahead be bold, position those chairs in circle and make everyone feel equally part of the day.
12. Considered a floral backdrop at your wedding? You should! Totally Boho and beautiful.
13. Having an evening wedding? Then light up your ceremony with a backdrop of fairy-light strands or an arch covered in flowers and lights. We’ve seen some pretty amazing ones!


14. Get your Bridal Party to wear lipstick and kiss the same sheet of card. Have them sign their name underneath. Print for each of your girls and frame. The perfect thank you gift with a whole lot of memories.
15. Find yourselves a funky photo booth and take as many photos of you and your bridal party for that polaroid style keepsake. Make a collage and print for your girls. Don’t forget to write your thanks on the reverse.
16. Like the photo booth idea? Why not use it on the big day too then. Hire a photo booth photographer with all kinds of fun props so your guests can have some fun and get ‘creative’.
17. Retro postcards are super cool. Splash some colour from your wedding palette on some plain ones and handwrite your Save-the-Dates?
18. Be kind to your Bridesmaids. Let them have fun and look stylish in mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Trust us, they’ll love you and it looks really great.

19. Are you a bit of a trend setter? Then incorporate your favourite style into your gown. Check out the crop top wedding dress trend!
21. What would Carrie Bradshaw do? Assign herself a pair of statement shoes. Go for it and show off with something bright and colourful rather than that traditional look!

22. On that note…high heels can be a bit painful after a full day with dancing and all. Create a basket full of “treat your feet” flip flops for all your female guests.
23. Your flower girl doesn’t need to be little. Show someone special you care and be unique. Two grandmothers walking down the aisle will make everyone smile.
24. Is vintage your thing? Buy some vintage teacups, vases, birdcages and trinket boxes, and style your wedding with a vintage theme.
25. Have your wedding flowers pressed and framed, so you can hang them at home as a keepsake memory.

26. Personalise your guestbook make a photo album with all your memories as a couple until the big day. Have your guests write a few messages in that instead!

27. You won’t even have to think too creatively about all the small details if you choose a secret garden or a flower-filled outhouse style venue for your wedding.
28. A country wedding? Hay bales are top hit for benches during your ceremony And you’ll be surprised how cheap they really are!
29. If you aiming for that rustic wedding then then think wood. Create signs pointing guests in the right direction, write your menus and seating plan in a similar fashion. A fun DIY project for those artsy friends willing to help.


30. Having a summer wedding? Frozen yogurt bars are super cool in more ways than one!

Now you just need to capture it all! Our professional photographers and videographers are highly experienced in capturing every detail at your wedding. Click to send us a message.

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