10 Moments you need on your wedding photography list!

The 10 moments you need on your wedding photography list!

Wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of your big day. You need to get it right the first time round as you only get one shot well actually probably about 2000+, but so-to-speak!

Hopefully, you’ve probably booked your wedding photographer if you’ve started planning your wedding already, and if you haven’t then take a look at our recent post 5 Things you need to know before selecting your wedding photographer.

Getting the right photo memories on your big day is super important, so jotting down a list and getting everything organised in advance will be a huge help, so you can confidently enjoy your day knowing you’ve got everything under control to ensure you get those loving memoirs and poses.

With the 100’s of weddings we’ve captured, we thought it would be useful if we put together our top 10 favourite poses to have on your big day with family and loved ones, so you can add any others you’ve imagined and give the list directly to your photographer, so everything is fully prepared and on schedule. Phew.

1.Girls before Guys

Your girlfriends are the significant other in all this organisation, moments of uncertainty and laughter along the way. Getting an all important photo with your maid of honour (likely your bestie) is a top of the game photo; and if you’ve got a bridal tribe then a groupie pose, natural or otherwise is one of our absolute favourites for sure! It’s the time for you to have a little fun with your girls whilst getting ready and once you’re all looking your absolute best.

2. Now for the Guys

It’s a common thing for the Grooms and their Groomsmen to be the most anxious before the wedding, so to calm the nerves they often have a bottle of beer to hand to calm their nerves. Get the photographer to take their mind off the moment and onto another by enjoying a toast to the groom together. Boys love their boys.

3. You and Your Mother

For most brides-to-be, your mom is the one you’ll feel the most emotion with on your big day. Mom’s are normally right there next to you and your bridal party throughout all the wedding planning and on the day. So it’s important to capture her input and desire to support you on this day to be remembered by the both of you. Make sure you get some shots of her happy helping you get ready and putting on your dress.

4. Talking of Your Mother

A simple shot that’s honest, truthful and full of love and smiles for one another will be one that you will love and cherish for the rest of your life. Once you’re ready, be sure to get a few different shots before the wedding and then throughout the day. No doubt your mom will want some as keepsakes too!

5. Your dress and finishing touches

It may have been the toughest choice you’ve ever made, or it may have been clear from the start… You may have had difficulty finding it or had it altered into something practically couture! Either way, THE dress is going to be an epic part for you as the bride. Ask your photographer to make sure you get some shots of you totally in love with your dress and adorning yourself with those finishing touches. Most of us don’t tend to have a dress made to measure any other time in our lives, so be sure to get some shots of you in that amazing dress!

6. The Groom Getting ready

He’ll want his turn too being captured in all his knight in shining armour attire. Likely, he has bought himself something that makes him and his boys feel rather suave, and possibly some unusual funky socks to match boys will be boys. Ask the photographer to get some extra shots of him being groomed into prince charming. Photos like these are sure to trigger some fond pre-wedding memories of the day with the guys.

7. Walking Down the Aisle OBVIOUSLY

This is the first place your preparing to be seen by the whole guest list, and your dad or whomever is giving you away is standing there right next to you, your bridesmaids and maid of honour are behind; Here you’ll be sure to capture some sweet, innocent and possibly rather nervous smiles, maybe a few tears and definitely some precious looks, as your fiancé meets you at the alter. Your photographer should be snap snap snapping away at every little detail of you, him, your family, his family, your bridesmaids, his best man, the flower girls, the page boys, the guests. Every. Little. Detail. These will be great with many unexpected unseen moments that may have passed you by in the haze of the big moment.

8. Your Dad

Once your Dad or whomever is giving you away has done their main role for he day (he’s probably more worried about speaking for his speech later mind) he’ll want to hug you and congratulate you as an individual, away from your new hubby. Take this moment for a really truly beautiful shot between you both. An honest, truthful, loving pose like you had with your mom will be great for the family album.

9. The Little ones

Obviously you’ll do all those important family members and group photos one by one after the ceremony; but we think there’s something very sweet and adorable about the bride crouching down with those little ones attending dressed up in their pretty dresses and miniature suits! Suggest to get these shots as early as possible as those outfits won’t stay clean or possibly even on for very long!

10. You and Him

You’ve probably imagined exactly how you want your wedding album to look with lots of photos together, the natural ones saying “I do”, the happiness walk back up the aisle together hand-in-hand, the ones of you both outside covered in confetti and revelling in the magical moment. Remember to get some shots in the back of the car on your way to the reception and of course embraced together for your first dance.

So now you have those important poses listed, add all the extras you’ve dreamt up and give the list to your photographer, so they know exactly what you want on your big day!

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